Updated My Travel Links!

I added a ton more blogs and some location specific sources to my travel links.  Did I link you?  Check and see!

Not there?  Should you be?  Is there a blog or travel information I should really see?  Have information on Peru or Machu Picchu or Australia or India or travel yoga?  Post me a link and why I should link you and maybe it will end up there too!

Travel Planning Links

I thought I would give you guys the tip that if you go to my Travel Planning Links page, which I recently updated, you can get travel tips and travel blog recommendations.  I am so sorry if I read your blog and it is not up yet, I seem to be doing more blog reading than blog organizing lately.  Soon to be up, I email myself all the links I just have to put them on here.  I have not used most of these since I am still sitting in Florida, but they come highly recommended.  Soon to come more Visa information and more blog recommendations. Have a blog you want me to recommend, leave a comment and I will check it out.  Unless you are complete spam I would probably be so giddy to have comments I would love it!  😉

Also I added travel articles so I have a reference of the articles I read on traveling.  Most of them right now are on budgeting!  Again, they are not all up yet, but will be eventually,