Road Trip to Michigan

I am leaving to Cartagena Colombia in August from Detroit, Michigan for a backpacking trip to South America. I need to get my car to my parents house in Stanwood, Michigan. So I am going on a road trip! I am not certain right now how long I have and I will be on a shoe string budget, but here we go! Here is a map of places I know I will hit or want to hit. If you have a place for me to stay (a couch or spare room, I am not picky) or suggestions of cheap stays or great eats, let me know!  I will be leaving at the end of June most likely.

From yoga and a massage for a luxurious start in Jacksonville to the Lady and Sons for some Ooey Gooey Butter Cake care of Paula Deen to the beaches to mountains to wild woods of Michigan and everything in between.  Take a look at the places.  The map is a work in progress and can be edited if you have a Google account! My suggestions are in blue. If you would like to add a suggestion, add a separate color. Simply open the map and push the edit button on the bar on the left hand side, to edit maps you need to log into a Google account. Once in, options should show up in the top left corner of the map. Click on the pin symbol (second symbol) and click where you want to put the symbol. You can add text and change the color/type of symbol by clicking on the pin when the edit window is open. You can drag around your symbol until you have it in just the right place! If you could leave your name and or a link to your blog or website for the suggestion that would be great!



If you want to see more of my maps, they are right here.  Or maybe you are wondering why I am going on this crazy trip or what I want to accomplish.  Or maybe you want links of places I am going or blogs I read, or maybe just to see all my travel related posts.

3 thoughts on “Road Trip to Michigan

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