Seminole Wekiva Trail

The Seminole Wekiva Trail is a 14 mile trail that runs through Seminole County, Florida and is one of many in the large network of trails across Florida.  It runs from Altamonte Springs almost all the way Sanford.  They are very well maintained and safe and open from dawn to dusk, I believe.  There are always a huge amount of people cycling on the paths and also runners, people with kids, people with dogs, roller bladers, etc.

The map has pictures (more being added), directions, locations of trail heads, close by restaurants, bathrooms, water fountains, etc.  If you click on the camera icons they will show you images from that location. If you click on any other pin it will give you information about the trail and contact information for restaurants. I am in the middle of updating the map so check back often for more information.

Here is more detailed information on each leg of the trail that correlates to the map.

If you want to see more of my maps, they are right here.  Or maybe you are wondering why I am going on this crazy trip or what I want to accomplish.  Or maybe you want links of places I am going or blogs I read, or maybe just to see all my travel related posts.

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