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Helpful links I have found through my planning.  I started this page off-blog for planning purposes, but thought someone else might find them useful.  Hours of pouring over articles and this is what I came up.  If you have any to add, let me know.  As a notice, I have yet to use these programs and get nothing for you to use these programs. I am not responsible for anything that should happen if you do use the program and have a horrible time.  I have not reviewed the programs because I have not used them.  These are just my resources I have gathered while I have been planning.  If you have used any of these services or own any of these services, I would love more information!

House/Pet Sitting

Work Exchange (not house sitting)

Wanna work on a boat?

Japanese Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program

Travel Blogs – so, apparently there is this really tight-knit travel blog community, lots of information for sharing – very helpful

Camino de Santiago de Compostela





Cheap Accommodation

Free Accommodations (or almost free-work exchange not required)

Travel Articles – I also recently got smart and decided to relink the articles. Good to give credit and as a reference in the future.  If you want the FULL information you should read these articles.  Also a lot of what I have learned so far is from Nora Dunn at The Professional Hobo.

Items of Interest:

Items I own:

7 thoughts on “Travel Links

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  2. Some new links for me here, thanks! I found using HelpX and CouchSurfing great resources whilst travelling in Australia and New Zealand (a good way to do and see something a bit different and meet some wonderful people). I hope that my blog may also be of some interest to you in your adventures. Good luck!

    • Thanks for the comment and that you used HelpX and Couch Surfing in Australia. Do you mind me asking where you stayed in Australia. I will try and find it in your blog. Any good post you can recommend?

      • In Australia I’ve been fortunate enough to stay with friends and friends of friends (in Sydney and Byron Bay), but I have used CouchSurfing to meet up with others whilst I’ve settled somewhere for a little while. It’s great for that too – have met some well-travelled, fun and interesting people. I’m going to be putting together a post about HelpX, CouchSurfing and WWOOFing before too long…

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