TEFL Certificate!

TEFL CertificateI received my TEFL Certificate and recommendation!

I uploaded them into my Google Docs!  I have never used Google Docs for my own docs before.  It was kind of exciting.  Yes, I am that nerd.

I also updated the site to add my certificate and recommendation on a page under “About me.”

Recommendation from ITTO

Photo Update – Michigan Almost Summer

The weather is a gorgeous 60-70 degrees.  The sun is warm, the shade is cool.  Flowers are in bloom and butterflies abound.  And I am reunited with my dog JackHere are a few updates from central Michigan.

Updated Moving Sale Page

I updated my moving sale page to include photos of my stuff.  Do you want some of my stuff?  Are you in the Central Florida area?  Come get it!  There is a list of everything (well not all, I have not finished the list yet) I am selling on the Moving Sale page.

Also I am having a garage sale at a location that is not my address (so do not show up looking for me at other times):

329 Green Oak Court
Longwood, FL 32779

March 10 8 AM – 3 PM

March 11 11 AM – 5 PM

Anything not sold is going to charity so if you come at the end for something free, too bad Salvation Army gets it.  All money the Salvation Army stores make goes back into the rehabilitation program that the stores are.  Recovering addicts, persons with mental disabilities, felons, etc. work there to get back into the work field as a final rehabilitation stage at the stores.  It’s a great program.  Much better than free stuff for your living room.

That being said if you want to pay me $1,500 dollars and take all my stuff (in your own truck) I might be able to work that out.

Also if you want a picture of anything on the list, let me know I can take one.

Updated My Travel Links!

I added a ton more blogs and some location specific sources to my travel links.  Did I link you?  Check and see!

Not there?  Should you be?  Is there a blog or travel information I should really see?  Have information on Peru or Machu Picchu or Australia or India or travel yoga?  Post me a link and why I should link you and maybe it will end up there too!