Hola! Back stateside!

Hello everyone!  I am sorry for lack of posts.  I was unable to post a lot because I was living in Cali, Colombia dating someone.  A possible no-no for the Peace Corps, which I have not heard back from (at least I was supposed to tell them if I was dating someone new).  Soon the results from teaching English in Spain come in, however I am not sure if I am going.  I applied for some very good engineering jobs in the USA and I am really hoping to get one of them.  If not, Spain sounds like a very real opportunity.  I am not sure what I should do in the mean time, but I need to make money in between.  I guess I can keep applying for jobs!

If you ever happen to go to Cali, I know a great salsa instructor!  If you want his contact information, please leave me a comment or email him at profezules9 at hotmail dot com.  He also teaches rumba and different aerobics classes and is a personal trainer. He is incredibly passionate about what he does and loves Cali, Colombia and salsa.

I still have my pictures from Machu Picchu and South America to put up. Pictures of the amazing Christmas lights in Cali and more.  I have them backed up (that took enough time) I just need a better internet connection.   But the one thing that I cherished the most was the experiences and love so I do not have a lot of fun photos.  I have memories, greatly improved Spanish skills, and people who I can call family in South America.  And some of them have family here in the USA that apparently are now my family too and I can visit them :).

3 thoughts on “Hola! Back stateside!

  1. Hi. I am in Malaga, Spain, with horses and dogs on a farm. Owner is away. My back is struggling with lifting and walking four very sweet, but large dogs and I just managed to break my hand pulling a horse. Oy! Are you free? ASAP until June 6. Thanks. Rowena. Please contact me at amazingles@gmail.com or 0034 656 68 4245. It is six hours here ahead of New York time, so call after 8pm. Thanks.I have cycled all Central and S. AMerica for AIDS research. Too bad Disney bought ‘March up Pichu!” The people need the funds. I was a tour guide. Gracias.

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