House Sitting

Hi!  My name is Laura and I am looking for houses to sit!  I have pet experience with dogs, cats, birds, and tortoises.  I am very responsible and have some resources available here for you to check up on me and verify my experience.  I am looking for places to house sit while I take some time off in between now and finding my next job or determining if I want to go back to school for a masters or PhD.  Want more general information about me?  Go to my About page.

Background Check

I have an all clear page from the FBI for applying to the JET Program but not getting in.  It was an FBI background check that pretty much says I have nothing on file.  Much better than any background check you can pay for on me. I received the background check results in December 2011.

The titles that are click-able below have links to recommendations from the people I house sat for!

March 2012 – May 2012

I  house sat on and off for a lady who works half-time in Winter Park and half-time in Austin Texas. In between I stayed at a friend’s house.  This friend actually hooked me up with this house sitting position.

Various Times 2007 – Present

I met Kathy in 2007 when I moved to Winter Haven, Florida for my first full-time job after college.  Since then we have been great friends and you might see her in my blog posts such as when I went to see Boney James.  Over the years I have house sat, dog sat, baby sat and all of the above on numerous occasions.

Various Times 2011 – Present

My friend S I talk about a lot has a cute little miniature poodle named Gaddy. Gaddy’s favorite activity is playing fetch.  Endlessly playing fetch.  For hours.  He will get so tired he looks like his chest is about to explode and when he drinks water he chokes on it…but he does not want to stop playing fetch.  I have house sat for S on several occasions and on other occasions I have gone over to walk the dog and play fetch if she is very busy doing things like yoga teacher training all weekend.


I volunteered for two weeks at a hostel in Guatape, Colombia called Lake View Hostel while I was traveling in Colombia in August and September 2012.  You can contact the owners from the website.  I received a free dorm bed and use of facilities for washing laundry, cleaning the hostel, and being available certain hours for the owners (mainly in the night).  The owners also had two amazing dogs you could take for walks to the waterfalls or to the lake or up the mountain.  You would be sure to never get lost (well I did get lost that one time). I loved my time in Gautape!


I have not officially house sat for family but I have walked and taken care of their dogs, baby sat, etc.  Here is the beginnings of a list of family members I have helped out.


Sarah (Sister)

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