House Sitting Recommendation – Kathy M. and Family

To whom it may concern:

I have known Laura for almost five years.  I first met her and her sweat dog Jack when I was moving furniture into my new apartment in Florida after a move to Florida from South Carolina.  My husband, also named Jack, had severely injured his leg and could not help me.  She kindly offered her help.  That night her Jack met my Jack and my daughter and we have been friends ever since.   Throughout the years she has watched our apartment and then house with our dog Buddy, our cat Lightning, and our (now) two beautiful daughters.  My children love spending time with Laura.  My oldest, now 6, has annual outings and sleepovers at Laura’s frequently.

Laura has watched our dog at our house and her house when we visit South Carolina for holidays.  I always know Buddy will be sufficiently tired and happy when he comes back home from Laura’s.  She walks the dogs several times a day.  Buddy only wishes he could keep up sometimes since she likes to go for four or five mile walks.  She really loves animals and we know our animals are treated well when we are gone.  We take turns watching each other’s dogs and see how spoiled we can leave them when they go home.

When Laura comes to our house now there is a rush for the door.  Buddy and Lightning fight to sit on her lap and my daughters fight for the first hugs.  Laura is a very clean person who loves organizing.  We always joke over it when my daughters go over to visit and try to “redecorate” her apartment.  She is allergic to cigarette smoke so does not smoke and always leaves everything she uses cleaner than when she came.  We know we can trust Laura with our house, pets, and most importantly our daughters.   She has been there through good times and always a calm helping present in emergencies, if something comes up we know we can count on Laura.

Your biggest concern with Laura would be that your pets would be spoiled with long walks and love when you get back.

I am happy to recommend Laura for watching your house or pets.  We only regret that we will miss her while she is there for your family (human and animal).  If you would like to contact me in the future please let Laura know, she has our contact information.


Kathy, Jack, Helen, Jackie, Buddy, and Lightning

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