House Sitting Recommendation – Sarah H.

To whom it may concern:

My sister Laura H. and I grew up first generation completely off of the farm (our parents left the farm eventually).  We always had several cats, a dog and even once had a cockatiel.  We did chores together at our grandparents farm which included tending to cows, pigs, chickens and once a turkey we named Bob.  I will always remember that was the Thanksgiving where my mom, Laura and I at ham instead of turkey.

Laura bonds quickly with animals.  Even though she was nervous of my husky, Harley, the first time she met him because she was not used to being around large dog breeds, within an hour the Husky was sleeping on the futon with her instead of in his crate.  Laura always buys some groceries when she visits and cleans up after herself.  It is very helpful to me that when she visits she gets up earlier in the morning to take Harley out on his run or for a walk.

Laura is also good with our mother’s four small dogs that my mom acquired after being left an empty nester.  There are three Yorky-Poos and a Maltese all named after NCIS characters.  My mom was actually inspired to get the dogs by my sister’s and her neighbor’s dogs.  Our other dogs had been mostly outdoor dogs when the weather was good and not lap dogs or dogs who like to travel with you.  When she visits she is always running around with them outdoors playing chase to help expel their endless puppy energy.

I know she likes to keep her home very tidy and certainly never smokes, neither of us do.  She is very responsible and is always watching out for her neighbors, people and animals.  When I visited her I noticed she walks her dog Jack in a park across the road everyday and takes him to dog parks.  He has traveled around Florida and even up to Michigan with her.  She is a very responsible pet owner.


Sarah H.

I can provide an oral reference if preferred, Laura can put you in contact with me.

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