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  1. Hi Laura Jean! My name is Allyson. I saw your post “Photos Clearwater March 2” on the Chris Botti forum (the old forum). Wow, thanks so much for sharing them.They are wonderful. I was wondering if it is difficult to insert text into the photos as you did (property of Upcycle Bliss)? I wanted to post some photos of Chris that I’ve taken at various concerts, but be able to identify that I took them.

    I don’t know if you are aware that there is a new Chris B. forum. I didn’t see your user name under active members. If you are interested the link for the new forum is http://chrisbottiforum.yuku.com/ . You can sign up at the site. It would be great to continue seeing your fabulous photography and other Chris info you may come across in the future. :o)

  2. Allyson,

    Wow, thanks for the complements. They made my night! I wish I could go to more concerts and take photos. Thanks for the forum link, I was wondering what happened.

    The program I used for the text came with my computer. It is called Serif PhotoPlus X2. You can put the text on entire folders of pictures and re-size the pictures and do a bunch of other batch work if you run a macro under File>Batch. To create the macro you need the macro tool bar. I remember having a hard time finding it but I cannot remember where I found it since I pinned it to my tool bars. All you have to do is hit start recording macro, edit the photo however you want and then end recording macro. Everything you did was saved and when you batch process the pictures, all pictures will have those same steps taken to them. Just remember to set the file paths to a NEW folder so you do not overwrite your old files :). I did that once, thankfully they were still on memory card. If you have any more questions feel free to comment or email me. I like comments because I do not get a lot!

    • Thanks for the info. By the way is the program you used PC based? I have iMac. My forum name is The Curved Sky. I did post some photos I took of the David Foster Benefit for Hamilton High School Music Academy in Los Angeles earlier this month. The pictures aren’t great, because they were taken with my cell phone. I ran out of the house without my camera. :o( This is the link: http://s1061.photobucket….ilton%20Music%20Academy/

      I don’t think many people know about the new forum. I tried to sign up on the old forum, but I never could. Luckily I was able find a link to the new forum through a long time member I found on Facebook. :o) Do you recall a post/announcement on the old forum of where to go to for the new one?? Red Rose stated that the link to the new forum being placed on ChrisBotti.com site was in progress, so hopefully everyone will find their way there.

      Thanks for the offer. I will have more questions…..especially with Photo Bucket.

    • I thought it was PC based. :o( I need to find a program for the Mac. What wording should I use to do an internet search for this type of program?? Any suggestions?

      Here is the link again for the David Foster Benefit. Hopefully this one works. If not my username on Photo Bucket is “allyrn”.

      Are you going to join the new forum? I think a lot of people would love to see your Clearwater pics on Photo Bucket. I just saw some pics of Boney James. I totally love Boney. :o)

      Question for you. You have been to a number of Chris concerts right? If so, do the venue’s let you take photo there? I find that in Los Angeles they don’t :o(. I can’t tell you how many photo opportunities I’ve missed. The only venues I’ve been able to use a camera are the outdoor ones.

      • Some do, some do not. It depends on the venue. I recommend showing up early enough and trying to take one with you. I have been to so many shows where they SAY no cameras are allowed but at the show they allow cameras as long as they are not professional and no flash.

        Nice pictures!

        I will join the forum in a while. some things happened right now.

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  4. I spent three years in the Peace Corps in Malawi and it was heaven on earth. And you are going to Cartagena? Great place – visited a friend (who had also been Peace Corps, but in Uruguay) there and spent three days sailing on a boat he owned (he worked in Bogota). Love that walled city!

      • I lived in two locations in two towns. My accommodation was first a house, then an apartment. Both had a fridge and a telephone. I used to travel to the field and stay there for a few days at a time – sleeping in a simple brick house. However, I worked as an engineer (building rural water systems), while most volunteers were teachers who lived in houses in small rural towns – sometimes without electricity. What will you do as a volunteer?

      • I was hoping for a water or wastewater position as I am a water wastewater engineer (but do not have my PE only EI but 5 years of experience), but so far my options from my recruiter are teaching math or science.

        I was thinking anywhere but Africa but once I realized there is a good chance of only Africa, I started looking up more information. It doesn’t seem as bad as I thought. Maybe I was looking up outdated information.

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