Asking the Right Questions

Jumping Through Hoops

I have been having some figurative writers block problems and some literal writers block problems.  The internet connection here is horrible. It took more than an hour to download the printer driver.  Also, I have felt like a circus performer lately.  Getting finger prints or any thing official in towns like Big Rapids and Stanwood is almost impossible, especially in the summer. They want to complain about there being no work but there is no infrastructure to support that work.  Also unemployment in Florida seems to think I need to show up for an in office meeting that I cannot reschedule so to Florida I go for a meeting the 25th. If I do not I am considered a no-show.

Writer’s Block

Then there is the writer’s block that is all in my head.  There is the fact I have so many things swirling in my head that I cannot keep up.  The drive to Michigan, the fact my car is dying and made me stop my road trip early, being around family drama, all the cigarette smoke, and the fear that had been slowly dripping into my veins has been compounding.  And worst is that I have not done yoga since Asheville (I miss Asheville!).  There are NO classes here except some you have to buy a whole series to attend.  I have not been even walking the trails as much as I like.  I keep finding excuses.  The bugs, the heat, etc.

So, I finally started writing and I think I will be submitting them for articles for other sites and reference them here, if they are accepted.  I do have a couple of original posts for here written that just need editing.  Also I am trying to get pictures up, but the internet connection is a HUGE hamper to that.  Until then, I wanted to pose a question that is at the forefront of my mind lately.

More Questions than Answers

How do we incorporate play as a regular part of our life, so we do not even think of it as play, while maintaining and evolving our rules we need as adults?  It seems much easier when you are at yoga or with friends you know or at places like the Hostel in the Forest or Asheville.  When amongst family or other people who expect you to contribute to the ball and chain and not think of anything else, this is difficult.  The boundaries you set and rules you play by mean nothing to those people who simply see you as irresponsible.  And I do not know how to counter that I am being the responsible one.  I am securing long-term happiness and trying to find the rules and the game that not only allow me to see the love and wonder and adventure in life that a child does but also how to maintain the discipline and rules that are required to cultivate that into passion and into a lifestyle that is more sustainable.  Isn’t that worthy of my time?

Is that not the question that all the hippie generations have been facing?  How to feel the love and see the love and turn it into something that is more than just being self-centered and irresponsible.  There are people who have done it.  How do I do it?  How do I keep it around people who disdain it?

I guess the first step to finding the right answers is to ask the right questions.

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