Things I Will Miss Most #1

What I will miss doggy.


I am going to be posting about what I will miss most while traveling.  Not in a whiny or sappy or sad (or not too sappy or sad) way.  I am doing it to be grateful and appreciate what I have while i have it.  I am probably not starting in a good order because I already know my dog will be the number one thing I miss.  Tonight we went for a walk in the pouring rain and broke in my new hiking shoes.  Jack hates water but his favorite game is getting dry.  I throw the towel over him and rub him and he bites the towel and rolls around on the towel.

You might be wondering how I could even give him up.  Well, I already am so busy I feel I am neglecting him and my parents and my best friend both have houses with big yards and other dogs.  I just have to choose where he is going.  They are arguing over who gets the dog he is just such an amazing animal!

I already miss you Jack!

Jack protecting his hole.

Well, his real favorite game is to be chased.

Or maybe staring into space?

8 thoughts on “Things I Will Miss Most #1

  1. I think it’s wonderful what you are doing…life is short and deciding to live it authentically is the best gift you can give yourself…I know you don’t know me but I wish you all the best with your adventure and hope you find all that life has for you…God Bless…AJ

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