Top Ten Travel Goals

*Note: this post is backdated.  Written before my “Travel Options” posted but published after. I am realizing since writing the other post that since none of my travel goals directly involve Japan and many are against getting a permanent place with rent and nesting, it is probably a good thing I did not get Japan.

My top ten main travel goals are:

(1)    See Machu Picchu and hike as many Inca trails as possible all while learning Spanish, Peruvian cooking, and dancing.  I could do some TEFL work here or volunteer at an eco tourist center.  There is also an opportunity to take yoga and either do yoga teacher (see number 9) training or a yoga retreat.

(2)    Go to India and do yoga.  Again, maybe get yoga teacher training.  Volunteer.  There is an organic teaching farm that does some serious agricultural research (see number 5).

(3)    Walk the Camino de Santiago de Compostella.  It is the path of St. James.  It is a several hundred miles (the exact amount depends on where you start and which path you take) path through Spain that pilgrims from all around the world have come to travel for a long time.  My favorite author Paulo Coelho wrote a book about his experience on it as have others.  I would also like to do other walks and destinations in Europe but the Visa requirements for those countries who participate in the Schengen territory limit you to 90 days in any 180 day period and long stay visas in Spain seem almost impossible to get unless you are super rich.

(4)    Work Holiday Visa before I turn 30 (it’s sort of like a fun countdown now and would take some of the pressure of turning 30).  Right now it is looking mostly like Australia is my best bet.  Americans options seem to be limited to Ireland, New Zealand and Australia.  Additionally I can get to Kuala Lampur cheaply from there and from Malaysia get to anywhere else in Asia and a few other places (France) fairly cheaply on AirAsia.

(5)    Go to Bali.  I am beginning to think that this might be an explore Asia (Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, etc.) goal.

(6)    Live/volunteer on an eco sustainable farm or village.  Maybe WWOOF, live in a bungalow in Costa Rica with hippies, or ditto in Hawaii.  I also found a farm that has internships for college students and also accepts volunteers in India.  You still have to pay though.  They all seem to do yoga and now shun drugs.  There are also yoga and Buddhist centers all over the world that will let you stay with them for free or at cost if you just help out some, they also in general are awesome places to learn.  In general I want to learn more skills in this area and be around like minded people.

(7)    Become a house sitter and explore the world.  I think I would also like to do this across the United States so I can determine where I would most like to go next.   Having very little in the way of expenses would allow me to explore things I would like to do more (read, sew, sleep, write, do yoga, volunteer, etc.).

(8)    Spend less so I can work less (see numbers 5 and 2).

(9)    Learn how to rest and relax and take a break instead of always being an overachiever.  I think learning to focus on what I really want to and what my real interests are will be helpful at being able to rest and relax.

(10)     Take a yoga teacher training course so that I can improve my practice enough so that I can have an independent practice that can grow even when I am not near teachers.  Also to gain skills to keep me calm, sane, and healthy while dealing with some tough conditions that are inevitable while traveling.  Though an aspect of this is becoming a general life goal of mine to take as many different yoga/meditation and similar classes to help me to be a better person and to experience as many people and techniques as possible.  Plus I am trying to pick up as many skills as I can to either trade for food/accommodation or work on a work holiday visa or throughout the US.

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