I am Really Doing This!

I am Really Doing This

Yesterday this started to become a reality.  I signed my 60 day vacating form to my apartment complex and put traveling as my purpose.  I now have 59 days to clear out my apartment and figure out when and where I am going, even if couch hopping around my friends’ couches.  I need to get recommendations for my Professional Engineering (PE) certification application, decide what to pack/store/donate/trash/sell, organize and price my items for a garage sale (I need to find tables or something to put things on I suppose I don’t have tables) the second weekend in March, use up my yoga class passes, tell my literacy tutoree I am leaving and try to find her a another tutor, cancel my Verizon plan and buy an unlocked GSM phone (unless I go to Japan) or buy a cheap locked pay as you go phone and a tablet/netbook (I would really like the Asus EE Transformer), change my car insurance, update the tags on my car, cancel utilities, do my taxes, set up bank accounts, where is my dog going (can he go with me)…

And that does not even include traveling specific planning things like visas and accommodation and food and finish my TEFL and supplies (backpack, boots…) etc.  I am starting to get excited but nervous!  Oh my gosh this is really happening.  I am not just thinking about it, it is not some abstract thing that is happening in the future, or is a dream.  I am really doing this! 

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